My name is Alex, I graduated in Computer Engineering from Concordia University.
I'm currently working in the control plane team at Kaloom, where we aim to build a flexible yet performant software-based data center fabric product. In my free time, I like to write tech posts, summarize research papers, and take notes of interesting reads and talks.

I've previously participated in projects in aerospace and robotics, working on communication, electrical and embedded systems.

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My interests are networking and distributed systems while also cherishing robotics and aerospace.

Professional Experiences

  • Software Developer, Networking & Systems
    Kaloom (Aug. 2017 - Present)

  • Software Developer, Emerging Technologies R&D
    JDA (Mar. 2017 - Aug. 2017)

  • Software Developer, Corporate & Investment Banking
    Société Générale (Nov. 2016 - Mar. 2017)

  • Consultant, Infrastrucutre Engineering
    Morgan Stanley (Jul. 2015 - Nov. 2016)

  • IT Consultant, Infrastrucutre Improvment
    Hermes Medical Solutions (May 2012 - June 2015)

Competitions During Undergrad

  • Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC), 2010-2013 – 1st Place
    • Multidisciplary project involving mechanical, electrical and software systems.
    • Reverse engineered UART protocol for transceiver configuration.
    • Designed communication protocol to provide reliable wireless communication over AX.25 link.
    • Coded userspace drivers for embedded Linux platform.

  • University Rover Challenge, 2013-2014
    • Project to design, build and test a proto-Mars rover prototype.
    • Designed and implemented the rover’s communication subsystem.
    • Created benchmarking tool to profile communication subsystem performance.
    • Developed the PID motor controller and the video streaming component.